Polyester rain coat PVC rain cape CL10

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 Rain Coat Specification
1. 0.28mm/0.30mm/0.32mm/0.33mm/0.35mm PVC/Polyester 
2.  0.28mm/0.30mm/0.32mm/0.33mm/0.35mm PVC/Polyester/PVC 
3.  Polyester/PVC(PU, AC) 160T/170T/190T/210T
Rain Coat Advantages
1. Strength and waterproof with the durability of PVC/Polyester
2. Resistant abrasion tears
3. Solar powdered to charge.
4. Design makes you suitable
Packaging & Shipping 
0.28mm PP: 25pcs/carton, ctn size:50*35*22cm, G.N.W.: 25/24KGS, 18500pcs/20GP
0.30mm(PP/PPP):1 pc/bag, 25pcs/carton, ctn size:50*35*23cm, G.N.W.: 25/24KGS, 17700pcs/20GP
Polyester/PVC(PU, AC) 160T/170T/190T/210T::1 pc/bag, 20pcs/carton, ctn size:51*30*24cm, G.N.W.: 17/16KGS, 15520pcs/20GP
To be effected within 30 days upon receipt of payment

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